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Job Opportunities

Current Job Openings:

A PhD student position is available in, Alexey Onufriev's computational biophysics lab.

Description: The work will focus on understanding fundamental aspects of DNA compaction in living cells. About 2 meters of the DNA is confined in a cell nucleus, which is only several microns in diameter. The details of the compaction, still poorly understood, affect vital cellular processes such as gene expression and cell differentiation. Essentially, we are creating a new field "Physical Epigenetics": the idea is that the very fundamental processes that affect key elements of Life must be governed by simple principles that a physicist can uncover. Specifically, we use polymer models to simulate time-evolution of chromosomes within the nucleus to understand which factors affect the resulting spatial and temporal fractal patterns, some of which might help understand cellular aging. We will work in close collaboration with an experimental lab. If interested, please contact Alexey Onufriev: alexey AT

Please contact center members for more possible openings.