The Physics Department at Virginia Tech is extremely fortunate to have many generous benefactors who have endowed the scholarships and awards listed below for our undergraduate and graduate students so that they may better concentrate on their respective studies and research.

The recipients are chosen each year by a departmental committee of faculty members, and the awards are presented at an Awards Ceremony in April.

The entering freshman need not fill out any kind of application to be eligible for a scholarship. Once you have been accepted into Virginia Tech and have declared yourself a physics major, you are automatically considered as a candidate.

Awards Ceremony 2015

The Awards Ceremony for 2015 was held on Friday, April 10, 2015 from 11:45 A.M. in the GLC Multipurpose Room. This year's keynote speaker was Dr. Jonathan Cook (class of 2009) who is now a Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics at Washington and Lee University.

Reports from Previous Award Ceremonies

  • Awards Ceremony 2016 (brochure) - Guest Speaker: Dr. Allen Gray
  • Awards Ceremony 2015 (brochure) - Guest Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Cook (class of 2010)
  • Awards Ceremony 2014 (brochure) - Guest Speaker: Dr. Steve Hardy (class of 2010)
  • Awards Ceremony 2013 (brochure) - Guest Speakers: Drs. Daniela and Gregory Topasna (class of 1999)
  • Awards Ceremony 2012 (brochure) - Guest Speaker: Dr. Pamela L. Granger (class of 2004)
  • Awards Ceremony 2011 (brochure) - Guest Speaker: Dr. Beth Ann Reid (class of 2003)
  • Awards Ceremony 2010 (brochure) - Guest Speaker: Dr. Jerome "Jay" Mettetal (class of 2003)
  • Awards Ceremony 2009 (brochure) - Guest Speaker: Justin Krometis (class of 2004)
  • Awards Ceremony 2008 (brochure) - Followed by 1st Sowers Distinguished Lecture
  • Awards Ceremony 2007 (brochure) - Guest Speaker: Dr. Seth Smith (class of 2001)
  • Awards Ceremony 2006 (brochure) - Guest Speaker: Dr. Leah Shaw Chock (class of 1998)
  • Awards Ceremony 2005 (brochure) - Guest Speaker: Prof. David Wright (Ph.D. 1984)
  • Awards Ceremony 2004 - Guest Speaker: Dr. Andrew J. Landahl (class of 1996)
  • Awards Ceremony 2003 - Guest Speaker: Dr. Maureen Mellody (class of 1995)
  • Awards Ceremony 2002 - Guest Speaker: Dr. Daniel C. Kilper (class of 1990)
  • Awards Ceremony 2001 (brochure) - Guest Speaker: Dr. Terrence Lagerlund (Ph.D. 1975)

Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards

Graduate Scholarships and Awards

Click here for other fellowships and financial support available to graduate students.

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