Summer School on Mathematical String Theory 2010
June 21 - July 2, 2010 @ Virginia Tech


The purpose of this summer school is to bring together young mathematicians and young physicists to learn a variety of topics pertinent to mathematical string theory. It will be held June 21 - July 2, 2010, on the campus of Virginia Tech in scenic Blacksburg, Virginia.

Speakers and topics include:
  • Dima Arinkin (UNC-CH) (homological algebra)
  • Arend Bayer (Connecticut) (derived categories, π-stability)
  • John Francis (Northwestern)
    (En algebras, topological chiral homology, topological field theories)
  • Josh Guffin (U-Penn) (heterotic string compactifications, (0,2) mirrors)
  • Simeon Hellerman (IPMU, Japan) (modular averages, D-instantons)
  • Alexandre Kirillov (U-Penn)
  • Ilarion Melnikov (Max-Planck, Potsdam) (gauged linear sigma models)
  • Tony Pantev (U-Penn) (hodge theory, old and new)
  • Pranav Pandit (U-Penn) (dg-categories)
  • Peter Zograf (Steklov, St. Petersburg) (moduli spaces of curves)

(* to be confirmed)

Funding provided in part by the National Science Foundation.

Mathematical String Theory 2010
June 21 - July 2, 2010, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA