Location of Research Facility:
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Newport News, VA.

VT Research Personnel:
Dr. Mark Pitt
Dr. Riad Suleiman

Degrees Awarded:
Juliette Mammei (Ph.D. 2010)

Description of Research & Links:

The goal of the G0 experiment is to learn more about the quark substructure of protons and neutrons (nucleons). Our interest is in the distributions of charge and magnetization in the nucleon and how it is built up out of the different types of quarks. We are particularly interested in whether these distributions have any contribution from strange quarks as this type exists only "virtually" in nucleons as the result of the quantum mechanical interplay between mass and energy.


Aerial view of JLab in Newport News, Virgina

The G0 detector at JLab.

G-ZERO with J. Mammei

Graduate student Juliette Mammei poses in front of the G0 detector.

The G0 effort at Virginia Tech is, and has been, supported by the Nuclear Physics Program of the NSF, grants PHY-0140059, PHY-0457163.

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