Location of Research Facility:
Gran Sasso National Laboratory, Italy
(Underground lab located underneath the Gran Sasso d'Italia)

VT Research Personnel:
Dr. Bruce Vogelaar

Degrees Awarded:
Victor M. Gehman (M.S. 2001)
Henning Olling Back (Ph.D. 2004)
Steven Hardy (Ph.D. 2010)

Description of Research & Links:

The Borexino experiment is located in an underground laboratory, deep underneath the snow covered peaks of Gran Sasso Mountain in Italy.

The objective of the experiment is to measure the Berillium 7 solar neutrino flux. This measurement will help us better understand the workings of the Sun, and also the masses and mixings of the neutrinos.

The Virginia Tech experiemental neutrino physics group is preparing calibration and monitoring equipment and procedures for use in Borexino. This includes developing methods to manipulate and pin-point the location of radioactive sources for testing the internal detector.

VT Borexino Group Homepage
Gran Sasso National Laboratory

NSF Press Release: "Catching Some Rays"

VT College of Science Press Release:
"Researchers detect low-energy neutrinos and probe energy production in the center of the Sun"

The Gran Sasso Laboratory under Gran Sasso Mountain

Gran Sasso

The Borexino Detector

The Borexino effort at Virginia Tech is, and has been, supported by the Nuclear Physics Program of the NSF, grants PHY-9972127, PHY-0501118.

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