Low Energy Neutrino Spectroscopy
Location of Research Facility:
Kimballton Underground Research Facility, VA

VT Research Personnel:
Dr. Bruce Vogelaar
Dr. Mark Pitt
Dr. Jonathan Link
Dr. Zheng Chang
Dr. Liang Ming Hu
Dr. Derek Rountree
Matthew Joyce

Degrees Awarded:
Derek Rountree (Ph.D. 2010)

Description of Research & Links:

The objective of the LENS experiment is to measure the entire solar neutrino energy spectrum to high accuracy. Water Cherenkov detectors, such as Super-Kamiokande and SNO, can only measure the high-energy Boron 8 neutrinos which comprise less than 1% of the total solar neutrino flux. LENS uses Indium doped Liquid Scintillator technology which allows it to capture over 99% of the solar neutrinos including the low-energy pp neutrinos.

VT LENS Group Homepage
Mini-Workshop on Low-Energy Solar Neutrinos & LENS - October 14/15, 2006


The LENS detector design.

Kimballton Entrance

Entrance to the Kimballton mine.
Prof. Vogelaar is seen in the green helmet.

Kimballton Interior

Dr. Grieb (left) and Prof. Vogelaar (right) inside the Kimballton mine. The enclosure for the Kimballton Underground Reserach Facility is under construction in the background.

The LENS effort at Virginia Tech is supported by the DUSEL Development Program of the NSF, grant PHY-0654212.

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