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Demonstration Websites and other Resources


Many schools have extensive demonstration website were many useful ideas can be found. A few useful ones are listed below. Each of them has links to many other great sites.

The University of Maryland

The University of Virginia

Wake Forrest University

North Carolina State University

Montana State University

Universoty of Southern California

Michigan Technological University

Haverford College

Boston College

University of Colorado

A great search engine can be found at http://physicslearning.colorado.edu:9999/vestris/QuerySp.html that indexes 39 different demonstration sites.

The Physics Instructional Resource Association (PIRA) has compiled a list of many standard physics demonstrations and an indexing system (DCS) to give a standard name to the demonstrations. Members of PIRA also maintain a webring of websites that support physics teaching. PIRA members also maintain a listserve (TAP-L) that support discussion of physics teaching.


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