Stringy Events

This is an informal list of some upcoming string theory centric events happening in and around VT. If you have something that should be added to the list please let me know!

Events for the 2018-2019 academic year will be added soon!

Older Events:



  • October 6th: Tristan Hubsch (Howard University)

    Tristan will speak at 4pm in Robeson 304

  • October 7th: Jim Halverson (Northeastern University)

    Jim will speak at 10am in Randolph Hall 216

  • October 7th: Mboyo Esole (Northeastern University)

    Mboyo will give a math colloquium at 4pm in McBryde 455
    (cookies and discussion starts at 3:30pm)

  • October 12th: Hee Cheol Kim (Harvard University)

    Hee will speak at 2pm in Robeson 304

  • November 4th: Sara Maloni (UVA)

    Sara will speak at 2:30pm in Mcbride 209

  • November 29th: Barton Zweibach (MIT)

    Barton will speak at 3pm in Robeson 304


  • January 21st-22nd: Stefano Massai (Chicago)

    Stefano will speak at 2:30pm on Jan 22nd as part of the 4VA meeting
    described below. 

  • March 24th: Shamit Kachru (Stanford)

    Shamit will give a colloquium at 2:30 on March 24th in Robeson 210 (the usual colloquium room).

  • April 7th: Clifford Johnson (USC)

    Clifford will give a colloquium at 2:30 on April 7th in Robeson 210 (the usual colloquium room).

  • April 12th: Christopher Eling (Oxford)

    Christopher will give a seminar at 2:30 on April 12th in Robeson 304.

  • April 13th: Onkar Parrikar (UPenn)

    Onkar will give a seminar at 4:00 on April 13th in Robeson 304.

  • April 19th: Radu Roiban (Penn State)

    Radu will give a seminar at 2:30 on April 19th in Robeson 304.

  • May 3rd: Luigi Tizzano (Uppsala/UNC Chapel Hill)

    Luigi will give a seminar at 2:30 on May 3rd in Robeson 304.

  • June 28th: Johanna Knapp (Vienna)

    Johanna will give a seminar at 2:00 on June 28th in Robeson 304.

  • September 26th - 28th: Falk Hassler (UPenn)

    Falk will speak at 2:30pm in Robeson 304 on September 27th (wednesday)

  • October 6th - 7th: Tristan Hubsch (Howard University)

    Tristan will be around for discussions these days and will give a presentation at the regional meeting on the 7th.


  • February 21st: Vishnu Jejjala (University of the Witwatersrand)

    Vishnu will speak at 2:45pm in Robeson 304.

  • April 3rd - 4th: Cumrun Vafa (Harvard University)

    Cumrun will be give a technical presentation at 10:30am on wednesday in Robeson 304 and a public lecture on tuesday at 8:30pm in Goodwin 190.

Conferences and Workshops:




  • February 8th:

    4VA String Meeting: speakers Teng Fei (Columbia University), Zhuo Chen (VT) and Hau Zou (VT)

    Location: Virginia Tech

  • April 7th:

    Southeastern regional mathematical string theory meeting

    Location: Duke University

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