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Aql10 Continuum-Corrected H-alpha Image

Field Name

Image Type
Continuum-Corrected H-alpha

Field Center
Right Ascension (2000.0) 20h17m37s
Declination (2000.0) 05o32'51'
Galactic Longitude 48.2o
Galactic Latitude -16.3o

Field Diameter

The median image value was set to zero during processing.

FITS Image File
(To download the FITS image file click on the above link with your right mouse button and select "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As...", depending on your browser.)

A JPEG representation of the image is displayed on this page. North is up; East is to the left. A non-linear transformation of pixel values to grayscales was used to make the JPEG image; due to the large dynamic range of the data this JPEG image does not display both faint and bright emission well. This JPEG image is not suitable for quantitative analysis; download the FITS image file for this purpose.

Aql10 H-alpha Image

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