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Condensed Matter Experiment: Quantum Matter, Quantum Electronic Devices, Low-Dimensional Systems, Nanoelectronics


quantum materials

   dynamic nuclear polarization

   plasmonic Yagi-Uda

electron hydrodynamics    
& ballistic transport         

quantum materials       


The research covers a number of related areas in solid-state physics and quantum electronic phenomena, including new electron hydrodynamic effects and ballistic transport effects, spintronics, nuclear spintronics, correlated-electron effects in quantum materials, electron quantum coherence, electron spin coherence, quantum and nanoelectronic devices, and plasmonics in nanoscale devices. We use low-dimensional electron systems in quantum materials, semiconductor heterostructures GaAs/AlGaAs, InGaAs/InAlAs, InAs/(Al)GaSb and InSb/InAlSb, thin film InSb, thin film bismuth, thin films of other quantum materials, and metals nanostructures. Our nanofabrication techniques allow us to handle those diverse materials to study the underlying physics. Example projects are: Hydrodynamic transport in low-dimensional electronic materials, nuclear spintronics and dynamic nuclear polarization, quantum nuclear spin torque, Aharonov-Bohm interference for nanoscale quantum sensors, spin-dependent quantum transport, ballistic magnetic focusing, optical antennas, ... The lab is equipped with measurement cryostats (3He, and variable temperature, magnetic fields to ~ 10 T), advanced micro- and nanofabrication equipment (electron beam lithography, photolithography, thin film deposition, etching, annealing, ...), materials deposition systems, characterization equipment (SEM, AFM, optical microscopes, electrical characterization), and extensive sensitive equipment for low-noise electronic measurements. We collaborate with experimental and theoretical groups worldwide. The research is also closely connected to theoretical advances in physics.