Another picture (1978)
The next generation

John Simonetti
Professor of Physics
B.S., Stony Brook, 1978
M.S., Cornell, 1982
Ph.D., Cornell, 1985

225 Robeson Hall
Fax: 540-231-7511

Awards and Recognition



  • PHYS 2074 Highlights of Contemporary Physics
  • PHYS 1155 Astronomy Laboratory I
  • PHYS 2305 Foundations of Physics I


  • PHYS 1156 Astronomy Laboratory II
  • PHYS 3154 Observational Astrophysics
  • PHYS 2305 Foundations of Physics II
Additional Courses Taught in the Past
  • PHYS 1056 Introduction to Astronomy II
  • PHYS 2206 General Physics II
  • PHYS 3655 Introduction to Astrophysics I
  • PHYS 3656 Introduction to Astrophysics II
Useful Teaching Links


Searches for and study of transient radio pulses from...

  • exploding primordial black holes
  • gamma ray bursts
  • supernovae
  • compact object mergers
  • some pulsars (the "giant pulses")

Astrophysical tests of frontier ideas in physics, such as...

  • how pulsar timing observations could explore quantum gravity effects in a black hole-pulsar binary system


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