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Known Bugs/Reporting  a Bug

If you come across a possible bug in SIP, please check the list of know bugs shown below. These are bugs I am working on. I plan to correct reported bugs as quickly as possible, placing the corrected version of SIP online as soon as possible (one of the advantages of web-based software). If you don't find your bug on the list below please report it by sending me email (jsimonetti@vt.edu). In your report please let me know (1) what browser you are using to run SIP, and its version (e.g., Netscape Communicator 4.51), and (2) what kind of machine you were using, its operating system, and its amount of memory (e.g., PC, running Windows 98, with 64MB of memory). Also, please give me some detail about what you were up to in SIP when the problem occurred (e.g., "I had already loaded in a 1000 by 1000 image, put it in the Storage Register, and tried to load in a second 1000 by 1000 image when SIP froze up.").


Known Bugs

Actually, at this time there are no known bugs. Of course, this could change!
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