To: Students Seeking Transfer Credit for Intro Physics, through the Completion of Physics Modules
From: John Simonetti, Associate Chair, Department of Physics, Virginia Tech

This webpage addresses the issues and procedures only for transfer students who were told they must take one or more Physics Module Courses in order to obtain transfer credit for PHYS 2305 and/or PHYS 2306.

Students transferring into Virginia Tech's College of Engineering, from another institution, may be told by a representative of the College of Engineering that their introductory physics course credits will not transfer unless they complete one or more Pass/Fail 1-credit Physics Module Winter Courses. These courses are meant to provide the student with the topics not covered by the introductory physics course(s) which they took at their previous institution, but are required here at Virginia Tech as part of either PHYS 2305 or PHYS 2306, or both. Once the student successfully completes the required Module course(s), transfer credit is obtained; failure to pass a course means the student must take the related 4-credit course (either PHYS 2305, or PHYS 2306). If you have to complete the Thermal Physics Module to get transfer credit for PHYS 2305, you must successfully complete this module before taking PHYS 2306.

Students transferring into other majors at Virginia Tech may also be required to complete one or more Physics Module Courses before transfer credit can be given for PHYS 2305 or PHYS 2306.

These Module Courses are offered during a Winter Session between the Fall and Spring semesters. The courses are Thermal Physics Module, Waves & Sound Physics Module, and Optics Physics Module. The Thermal Physics Module provides material necessary to complete the transfer of credits for PHYS 2305. The Waves & Sound Physics Module and/or the Optics Physics Module would be required for completing material necessary to obtain transfer credits for PHYS 2306. These courses are 1 credit each. Some labs will also be provided with the classes. Some of the work will be online. Some of the work will be on campus in a classroom, in early January only. There will be an instructor to help you learn the material, and more than one graded assignment. The grades from all the assignments will determine if you pass or fail a course. Each course will be P/F only.

If you take a Module Course you will need to attend class on campus only during the last two weeks of the Winter Session --- in January. These last two weeks of the Winter Session are the two weeks prior to the start of the Spring semester.

The Winter Session courses will be offered by the Physics Department, but like all courses a minimal number of students must sign up, or the course will be withdrawn.

Engineering students should contact Ryan Wagoner in 212 Hancock Hall,, with questions.