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Some Results from the Spring 2000 Semester of PHYS 3154 Observational Astrophysics


[NGC 2403]
The above image of galaxy NGC 2403 was produced by students Michael Cooley, Eric Lang, and Christopher Logie in PHYS 3154 using the 0.4m telescope. The displayed image is a composite of images in the red, green, and blue parts of the spectrum --- producing a color image.

The above three images of galaxy M82 were produced by students Tripp Cook, Gina Foy, Nathan Smith, and Anubav Vasudevan, using the 0.4m telescope. Different brightness background levels and ranges were used to make these three displays of the same data, in order to show different details present in the galaxy.


At the end of the semester each student gave an oral presentation on a project they worked on during the semester. The presentations are listed below.
  1. Christopher Logie "Astrometry of Asteroids 29 Amphitrite and 679 Pax"
  2. Tripp Cook "Developing a Method for Acquiring Color Images of Galaxies"
  3. Eric Lang "Photometric Observations of BL Camelopardalis"
  4. Gina Foy "Tracking Asteroids"
  5. Michael Cooley "Tri-Color Imaging of NGC 2403"
  6. Anubav Vasudevan "Color Imaging of the Cigar Galaxy M82"
  7. Nathan Smith "Observation of the Variable Star BL Cam"

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