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Some Results from the Spring 2001 Semester of PHYS 3154 Observational Astrophysics


The following images were taken by students in PHYS 3154 Observational Astrophysics during the Spring semester of 2001 using the 0.4m telescope. The first two images were featured in a Roanoke Times newspaper article Eyes on the Skies (the article is reproduced here courtesy of the Roanoke Times).


Students reported observations of the locations of asteroids to the International Astronomical Union (IAU) Minor Planet Center.


At the end of the semester each student gave an oral presentation on a project they worked on during the semester. The presentations are listed below.
  1. Warren Craddock "Galaxy Distance Calculation using CCD Pixel Variation"
  2. Lisa Francis "Observation of Galaxies for CCD Distance Measurement"
  3. James Roberts "Signal From Noise: Measuring Distances to Galaxies"
  4. Jon Harris "Mosaic of the Moon"
  5. Josh King "Determining the Light Curve of BL Cam"
  6. Jim Lough "Cheap and Easy Spectroscopy: Is it Worth it?"
  7. Mike Lyons "Tri-color Imaging of M81"
  8. Alma Robinson "The 'Poor Man's' Spectroscopy"
  9. Joe Chin "Full Image Mosaic of the Moon"

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