Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

15th International Conference on Narrow Gap Systems (NGS15)

August 1-5, 2011

This conference will bring together world experts to discuss recent advances and discoveries in the science and technology of narrow gap systems.  While a variety of novel narrow gap systems will be introduced and highlighted at this conference, we will also follow the traditions of the previous fourteen conferences in this series focusing on the growth, transport, infrared, and spin properties of narrow gap semiconductors.

Conference Scope

Growth and Fabrication of NGS

  • III-V narrow-gap semiconductors (e.g., InAs, InSb, GaSb)
  • II-VI narrow-gap semiconductors (e.g., HgCdTe)
  • IV-VI narrow-gap semiconductors (e.g., PbTe, PbS)
  • Magnetic narrow-gap semiconductors (e.g., InMnAs, InMnSb, GaMnSb, PbMnTe, HgMnTe)
  • Carbon-based narrow-gap systems (e.g., graphene, metallic carbon nanotubes)
  • Topological insulators (e.g., Bi2Te3 and Bi2Se3)
  • New substrates, gate technologies, contact technologies, and characterization methods

Devices Based on NGS

  • Spintronic and spin-photonic devices - FETs, spin LEDs, spin valves, Rashba-effect-based devices
  • Infrared detectors, lasers, and LEDs High frequency electronic devices (HBTs, HEMTs, and RTDs)
  • Terahertz emitters and detectors
  • Hybrid structures with superconductors and ferromagnets

Physical Phenomena in NGS

  • Spin-related phenomena - spin injection/detection, spin filters, the Rashba effect
  • Narrow-gap tunneling phenomena - Bloch oscillations, Zener tunneling, resonant interband tunneling
  • Infrared and terahertz phenomena - physics of quantum cascade structures, superlattices, coherent carrier dynamics
  • Mesoscopic phenomena - quantum wires, point contacts, quantized conductance
  • Quantum Hall effect, quantum spin Hall effect
  • Landau level spectroscopy
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