Workshop on ADSS & Th Util Virginia Tech
Hahn Hall North Wing

International Workshop on

Accelerator-Driven Sub-Critical Systems & Th Utilization

Sept 27-29, 2010

Virginia Tech

(the Inn at Virginia Tech and Shelton Conference Center)

Experts from around the world will exchange information on topics relevant to accelerator-driven sub-critical systems.

The two-day workshop includes four working sessions:

a) Accelerator Systems
b) Fast spectrum and thorium-based systems
c) Thermal spectrum systems
d) Comparison to other systems and future directions

The workshop will seek to identify areas of common interest to explore the possibilities of future collaborations.

The scope and intent of this workshop is for fundamental science where the attendance is open and materials may be published in electronic or printed format without restriction except for standard copyright provisions.  Export controlled, proprietary and other sensitive materials will not be included in the workshop.

Click here to access a PDF poster for the workshop.


*Funded by the Virginia Tech Research Division and Jefferson Laboratory*

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