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Tatsu Takeuchi

Tatsu Takeuchi
Professor of Physics

Theoretical Particle Physics
Ph.D.: Yale, 1989
217 Robeson Hall
Phone: (540) 231-5333
Fax: (540) 231-7511

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Course Information
Chesapeake Section of the AAPT
I am serving as the President of the Chesapeake Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers (CSAAPT) during 2023 and 2024. My main duty is to organize the semiannual meetings of the CSAAPT. Please follow the links below for information on our meetings:

Future Meetings:
  • 2024 Fall Meeting (Sat. 19 Oct. 2024) SemiVirtual@Jefferson Lab
  • 2025 Spring Meeting (Sat. 6 April 2025) SemiVirtual@George Mason U
  • 2025 Fall Meeting (Date: TBA) SemiVitual@Virginia Commonwealth U
Past Meetings:
My presentations at past CSAAPT meetings:
Research Interests
  • Analysis of Precision Electroweak Measurements.
    Read about my previous work in the Wikipedia.
    (Disclaimer: I have no idea who wrote this article. It wasn't me for sure.)
  • Viability Study of Standard Model Extensions (Supersymmetry, Grand Unified Theories, Technicolor, Topcolor, Extra Dimensions, etc.)
  • Neutrino and Neutron Physics.
  • The cosmological constant problem and related issues.
  • Foundational problems of Quantum Mechanics.
Curriculum Vitae
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