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Special Relativity
Special Relativity Lecture Notes

Table of Contents

  1. Frames of Reference
  2. Inertial Frames
  3. Laws of Physics in Inertial Frames
  4. Newton's Second Law
  5. Laws of Physics in Non-Inertial Frames
  6. The Special and General Theories of Relativity
  7. Some History
  8. The Lorentz Transformation
  9. The Concept of Simultaneity
  10. Faster than Light Travel
  11. Synchronization of Clocks
  12. Time Dilation
  13. Lorentz Contraction
  14. The Equivalence of All Inertial Frames
  15. The Twin Paradox
  16. Conclusion
  17. Famous People
Special Relativity Practice Problems

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