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Organic Solar Cells

Solar-cell technology based on conjugated polymer-fullerene composites continues to be of interest as a potential source of renewable energy. In particular, because of the light weight, mechanical flexibility, and potential for low-cost production of electronic devices fabricated from semiconducting polymers, high-efficiency polymer solar cells could have a major impact on energy needs. Although encouraging progress has been made in recent years with 3-5% power conversion efficiencies, this efficiency is not yet sufficient for large-scale implementation. Moreover, concerns about instability at elevated temperatures have hindered the path toward commercialization. The need to improve the device efficiency and thermal stability requires state-of-the-art fabrication and treatment under more rigorously defined conditions. Therefore experimental investigation of their photophysical properties, in particular of the photogeneration of charge carriers, will yield important information that can clarify the mechanism of formation and the fate of the primary excitations as well as provide a basis for photovoltaic applications

Organic solar cells