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The Hare and the Tortoise 1

The hare and the tortoise decide to have another race. But instead of running in the same direction toward the finish line, they decide to run in opposite directions toward finish lines located at equal distances from the starting line as shown in the figure.

The race takes place and the referee sees both animals finish at the same time in the frame at rest with respect to the ground. Assuming that the two animals move at a constant velocity from start to finish, what is the result of the race as seen from the frames of the two moving animals?

Choose from one of the following and explain the reason for your choice. You may use the space-time diagram to facilitate your explanation.

  1. Both the hare and the tortoise think that they won.
  2. Both the hare and the tortoise think that they lost.
  3. The hare thinks it won and the tortoise thinks it lost.
  4. The hare thinks it lost and the tortoise thinks it won.
  5. None of the above.

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