Hongxia Dai

Graduate student - PhD expected in 2021

Research Work Started in 2015
PhD thesis: TBD




Matt Murphy

Graduate student - PhD expected in 2023

Research Work Started in 2016
PhD thesis: TBD




Erica Vagnoni

Graduate student - currently in Italy University of Roma 3

PhD expected in 2016

Research Work Started in 2015
PhD thesis: TBD



Evan Guarnaccia

Graduate student - PHD earned in 2014

Research Work 2012-2014
PhD thesis: modeling and Measurment of the Cosmic Muon Flux
at Underground Sites

Now working in the private sector


Daniel Fenstermaker

Research Work 2013-2014
Development of muon flux simulation
Muon detector reconstruction and event display

Now graduate student at University of Oregon

     Daniel Fenstermaker

Amanda Hoebel

Research Work 2012-2013
Development of Likelihood to discriminate
between gammas and muons in plastic scintilaltor

Now at Undergraduate Research Summer Internship at Jefferson Lab

     Amanda Hoebel

Mario Gonzales Solano

Research work on MicroBooNE - Summer 2013
Evaluation of reconstruction efficiency for CCQE samples
using scanned samples

Now at DOE internship at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory



Ryan Devens;

High school student from Roanoke Governor school

Research work on building small muon detector - 2014

Now Undergraduate student at Stanford University


Ron Pelkey - 2012-2014

Research work on building muon detector
Calibration and efficiecny estimation
Muon flux measurments at Kimballton mine

Now working in the private sector

Garrett Lange - 2013-2014

Research work on data analysis from muon detector
Simulation and Event Display

Now Undergraduate Student at Virginia Tech