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W02: Tuning Fork Set


Purpose: To demonstrate sounds produced by tuning forks.



Please specify in the comments box on the schedule page which of the following options you want.

(A) Five octive set (C1=128 Hz, C2=256 Hz, C3=512 Hz, C4=1024 Hz, C5=2024 Hz)

(B) Musical Pitch set (C=256, D=288, E=320, F=341.3, G=384, A=426.7, B=480, C'=512 Hz)

(C) Concert Pitch set (A=440 Hz)

Strick tuning forks with a rubber mallet or with the rubber sole of your shoe. The sound produced can be presented to the class through the lecture microphone system. The sound pattern can also be displayed using the Pasco WavePort software on the computer (see W04).


Equipment List: Storage Location: Hahn N 130A


Tuning forks B2.2


Manual: None

  Setup Notes: W02 PIRA #:
Manufacturer(s): Other school's Demonstration web pages



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