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Educational Resources

Download the full Physics Instuctor's Handbook (12 Mb, PDF, last updated March 2006)

Policies and Procedures for Using Lecture Demonstration and Audio/Visual Services

  1. Using Demonstrations in Hahn N 130.
  2. Using Audio/Visual equipment in Hahn N 130.
  3. Using the iclicker Audience Response System
  4. Using Demonstrations in Robeson Hall.
  5. Using Audio/Visual equipment Robeson Hall.

Suggested Demonstrations by Physics course

  1. Physics 2205 (Physics 6th ed., Cutnell & Johnson)
  2. Physics 2206 (Physics 6th ed., Cutnell & Johnson)
  3. Physics 2305 (University Physics 12th ed., Young & Freeman)
  4. Physics 2306 (University Physics 12th ed., Young & Freeman)

Equipment Storage Location maps

  1. Demonstration room (Hahn N 130A) storage location map
  2. Demonstration room (Robeson 206A)

Curriculum Planning Tools and Ideas

  1. Demonstration web pages at other schools
  2. Introductory Laboratory Home Page
  3. Physics Instructional Resource Association (PIRA)
  4. The Video Encylcopedia of Physics Demonstrations, a laserdisk collection of 600 demonstrations. It is a good reference to see how a demonstration is performed and can also be used in place of the live demonstration. Lists of suggested demonstrations for various textbook topics are available correlated to the currently used textbooks. Physics 6th ed., Cutnell & Johnson, University Physics 11th ed., Young & Freeman

Physics Education Research based teaching tools

  1. Just in Time Teaching (JiTT)
  2. Audience Responce System (Peer Instruction type materials and others)
  3. Interactive Lecture Demonstrations

Physics Education Books (Josh Peebles (Robeson 207) has copies of all of these that can be borrowed)

  1. Peer Instruction, Eric Mazur
  2. Five Easy Lessons, Randall D. Knight
  3. Teaching Physics with the Physics Suite, Edward F. Redish
  4. Physlet Physics, Wolfgang Christan, Mario Belloni
  5. Ranking Task Exercises in Physics, Thomas L. O'Kuma, et al
  6. Teaching Introductory Physics, Arnold B. Arons
  7. Just in Time Teaching

Physics Education Research Groups (University of Maryland list)

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