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Using Audio/Visual Equipment in CHEMP 130

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The following Audio/Visual equipment and other lecture resources are available in Chemistry/Physics 130:

  1. Lutron lighting controller
  2. Crestron A/V controller
  3. Two Epson video projectors mounted on the ceiling (Contact Classroom A/V, 231-3874, for problems with this equipment)
  4. Two wireless microphones
  5. Dual monitor Windows based computer with network connections, wireless mouse/keyboard, and USB hub
  6. Cannon Visulizer document camera
  7. Pasco ScienceWorkshop 750 Interface for taking experimental data
  8. Video switch for choosing various video inputs including laptop computers
  9. Two close-up cameras for displaying small demonstrations
  10. DVD/VHS player
  11. LaserDisk player
  12. Samsung Video/Computer Preview Monitor (CHEMP 130A)
  13. Red Laser pointer (stored in cabinet I1)

Audio/Visual Materials signup procedure:

  1. There is no need to sign up to use the A/V equipment in CHEMP 130. Most of the equipment is permanently store where it can easily be used.
  2. Instructors are free to get out their own A/V materials from the storage areas in CHEMP 130A. (See the demonstration area map for what is stored in each location). There is no deadline for requesting A/V materials that instructors are willing to get out for themselves but we ask that they still sign up on the Audio/Visual web site (http://www.phys.vt.edu/demo-bin/avform.cgi) so that a log of demonstration usage can be kept. If instructors choose to get out their own A/V materials they should be place them on the counter next to the sink in CHEMP 130A when they are finished being used. One of the demonstration staff will reshelf the A/V materials.
  3. For instructors who would like to have their A/V materials prepared by the demonstration staff please sign up for demonstrations by NOON on the day before they need to use them. Sign up is done at: http://www.phys.vt.edu/demo-bin/avform.cgi. The demonstration staff will set up the A/V materials on carts in CHEMP 130A (the demonstration room behind the lecture hall CHEMP 130). For A/V materials that have been requested before noon on the day before, the A/V materials will be set up by 4 PM. The A/V materials and equipment will be checked to verify that it is functioning properly. Thus, the A/V materials will be ready all that evening and the next day for practice by the instructor if they would like to do that. Instructors should return the cart with A/V materials to CHEMP 130A when they are finished using them. The demonstration staff will reshelve the A/V materials after they are used. If instructors find that they need additional support in this area please contact Mark Pitt or Josh Peebles

    For any additional help contact:

    Josh Peebles - Rob 207 / 306
    email: jpeebles@vt.edu
    phone: 231-6135

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