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Please sign up as a user of SIP. There are at least two reasons that you should consider signing up:
  1. Signed-up users can receive the "SIP Newsletter." From time to time, I will send out information (a "SIP Newsletter") to those who elect to receive this e-mail service. You can always discontinue your reception of the newsletter by simply sending me an e-mail to that effect. While SIP users from the general public will benefit from this newsletter service, instructors at colleges/universities or high schools may find this service quite important. As discussed on the Known Bugs/Reporting a Bug web page, I plan to correct reported bugs as quickly as possible, placing the corrected version of SIP online as soon as possible (one of the advantages of web-based software). Instructors would benefit from knowing of any such changes to SIP, which would be documented in a very short newsletter. Furthermore, instructors will want to know of any enhancements to SIP (such enhancements will only be made outside regularly scheduled university semesters). Lastly, this newsletter can be used to pass along any tricks, tips, or other SIP-related information that users have communicated to me (e.g., websites with particularly interesting FITS images for use in SIP).
  2. Demonstrable interest in SIP will help me. While I certainly plan to address bug issues, and maintain the quality of the SIP project, it's hard to expend the necessary time and energy required by this project when there is very little feedback on the result! While interest in a commercial software package is automatically recorded with a purchase, a web-based package such as SIP is free to the user --- and essentially leaves no simple record of that usage. Please help me by recording your interest/usage by signing up for this newsletter.
To sign up as a SIP user, please send me an email (jsimonetti@vt.edu), containing the information given below. This information will not be published on the web (or elsewhere). I may publish the number of users of SIP, and the number of users in various categories (e.g., college/university, high school, private user,...).

The information to send in your email is... The subject line "SIP Sign Up" is important, so I don't lose your message among the many I receive, or so it doesn't get removed by a Spam-removing program.

Thanks for your support!

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