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Course Websites, Times, Locations, and Instructors for the Current Semester

Fall 2012 (not up-to-date)

CRN Course Website Course Name Time & Place Instructor
15421 Phys 1056 Introduction to Astronomy I MWF
Squires Colonial
Nahum Arav
multiple Phys 1156 Astronomy Lab Weeknights
Hahn N 103
John Simonetti
15547 Phys 3154 Observational Astrophysics Tuesday, Thursday
Hahn N 103
John Simonetti
15580 Phys 3656 Introduction to Astrophysics I MWF
Robeson 105
John Simonetti

Astronomy Minor

The Deparment of Physics offers an Astronomy Minor. The astronomy and astrophysics courses offered by the department form part of the requirements for the minor. These courses include those listed above, available this semester. The Astronomy Minor is open to all undergraduate students. It is specifically designed for those students with a deep interest in astronomy and/or plans for obtaining a graduate degree in Astronomy or Astrophysics.

Sky Image Processor (SIP)

SIP is a web-based Java program that enables students to process and analyze astronomical images in a web browser. SIP was written by John Simonetti. SIP is used in the Astronomy Lab, Observational Astrophysics, by students at other institutions as part of their courses, by amateur astronomers, and by professional astronomers.

Some Interesting Astronomy Sites

Sky and Telescope's webpage on Pronouncing Constellation Names
Sky and Telescope's webpage on how to pronounce constellation names. Includes mpg files so you can actually hear the pronunciations, and interesting historical information.
Astronomy Picture of the Day
A great blend of information concerning a different subject each day.
Space Telescope Science Institute
The home page for the Hubble Space Telescope --- lots of the latest images, etc.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
The home page for the JPL --- images from the surface of Mars, etc.
The home page for the NASA.
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
The latest in radio astronomy. We astronomers in the department have strong connections with NRAO.
Participate in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) by running a screen saver on your computer which analyzes data collected at major radio observatories.
Sky and Telescope Magazine
This website contains lots of information on astronomy of interest to anyone who looks up at night. The magazine contains popular articles on astronomy and astrophysics.
Astronomy Magazine
Also contains lots of information on astronomy of interest to anyone who looks up at night. The magazine contains popular articles on astronomy and astrophysics.
Astronomy Now
UK astronomy periodical website. Contains lots of news articles on astronomy.
PBS Online
The homepage for the Public Broadcasting System. PBS often has programs on science and technology.
The Universe Today
What's news in Astronomy
Presents up-to-date news on physics and astrophysics. Many links to on-line articles explaining things. Lots more.
As it says at their website one purpose of is to "provide comprehensive research and education tools to physicists, engineers, educators, students and all other curious minds."
Virginia Tech Library
The homepage for the Library.
The World Wide Web Consortium
The W3C is the organization devoted to the realization of the full potential of the Web. It was founded by the creator of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee (yes, there was a single individual who can be credited with the invention of the Web!).

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