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Vogelaar (title page)
R. Bruce Vogelaar
Professor of Physics
PhD Caltech, 1989
325 Robeson Hall
(540) 231-8735
[Virginia Tech Department of Physics]
Weak Interaction Physics
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Funded by the National Science Foundation
Division of Physics:
Particle and Nuclear Astrophysics
Nuclear Physics

Solar Neutrino Detector
(webpage in Italy) (Nature article)

ucna ablationUCN-A
Ultra Cold Neutrons at Los Alamos
(Science article)

lens-optical-channelingLENS DarkSide NuLat

thru roof KURF
Kimballton Underground Research Facility


Green Energy Multiplier
Subcritical Technology for Alternative Reactors

dusel entry
Proposal to create a Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory at Kimballton
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Center for Neutrino and Astroparticle Physics
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