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Photonic materials: Rare-earth doped semiconductors (GaN:Er and Si:Er)

Rare earth (RE) doped semiconductors have played an important role in various optoelectronic and photonic applications, ranging from emitting elements in solid-state lasers and in phosphors for color lamps and displays to optical fiber telecommunications and to quantum information processing. Among the various rare earth elements, Er has attracted a particular attention because the 4I13/2 to 4I15/2 transition involving nonbonding 4f shell electrons of the Er3+ ion occurs at the technologically important wavelength of 1.54 micrometer, matching the absorption minimum of silica-based optical fibers. GaN is expected to be an ideal host material for RE doping because it is a wide and direct bandgap semiconductor, which exhibits less thermal quenching and stronger RE emission at room temperature than RE-doped Si. As a result of a continuing research effort, GaN:Er-based light emitting diodes have now been developed.

Photonic materials

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