PHYS 3154
Observational Astrophysics

J. H. Simonetti
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PHYS 3154 Observational Astrophysics: 2.3m Radio Telescope

The 2.3m Radio Telescope
("Small Radio Telescope")


The 2.3m Radio Telescope is equipped with a digital receiver operating in L-band (1.42 GHz) and capable of contiuum and 21cm spectral line observations. The system is computer controlled. The telescope was designed by MIT's Haystack Observatory and was manufactured by Custom Astronomical Support Services, Inc. (CASSI).

At the Haystack SRT site, a document that you might want to glance through, if interested, is The SRT Operator's Manual. In addition, the Technical Supplement for the SRT from MIT, is potentially useful.


The 2.3m Radio Telescope is used primarily for instructional work in the PHYS 3154 Observational Astrophysics at Virginia Tech.

Independent Student Use

The use of the 2.3m Radio Telescope is restricted to experienced users. The privilege of using the telescope can be revoked at any time. Virginia Tech students may obtain access to the 2.3m Telescoope through completion of the PHYS 3154 Observational Astrophysics course. During this course students obtain an "Observing License" after passing a written exam and "driving exam" (during which the student demonstrates their knowledge of the correct procedures for using the telescope).

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