Demonstration List
Updated: 01/13/2012


M01: Pasco dynamics Track

M03: Ellipse Drawing Board
M04: Equilibrium of Forces

M05: Methods for Measuring Motion

M07: Atwood's Machine
M09: Hover Puck
M10: Newton's First Law-Table Cloth Trick

M11: Inertia Ball
M12: Newton's Third Law-Opposing scales

M13: Elevator - Newton's First Law
M20: Egg and Sheet
M24: Air Track Demonstrations
M28: Falling Bodies
M32: Feather and Coin
M34: Air Drag
M36: Monkey and Hunter

M37: Dual Projectiles
M38: Ballistic Car

M39: Drop/Shoot

M40: Trebuchet
M42: Dynamics of Circular Motion
M45: Air Table Collisions
M50: Nose Basher
M55: Carbon Dioxide Rocket cart
M56: Low Friction Game of Catch
M58: Balls for Bouncing Collisions
M59: Collisions of Balls

M60: Frictional Properties of Materials

M61: Inclined Plane Problems

M63: Center of Mass - Earth/Moon Model
M64: Center of Gravity
M65: Center of Gravity Toys
M70: Central Force Demo

M71: Kinetic and Potential Energy
M72: Loop the Loop
M73: Rotational Inertia
M74: Angular Acceleration-Rolling Bodies

M75: Rolling Without Slipping
M76: Conservation of Angular Momentum
M78: Rotational Platform
M79: Torsion Pendulum
M80: Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)
M81: SHM Using the Air Track
M83: Reference Circle in SHM
M84: The Physical Pendulum
M85: Forced Vibrations
M86: Coupled Oscillators
M87: Wilberforce Pendulum

M88: Nonlinear Oscillator

M89: Pendulum Wave
M90: Symmetrical Top
M91: Pasco Computerized Gyroscope
M100: Miscellaneous Supplies


F01: Computer Based Pressure Measurements

F08: Pacals Vials-Pressure in a Liquid

F11: Atmospheric Cannon
F12: Atmospheric Can Crusher
F13: Atmospheric Pressure Lift
F14: Magdeburg Hemispheres
F20: Archimedes' Principle
F22: Density Balls

F23: Cartesian Diver

F30: Soap Bubble Films
F50: Bernoulli's Principle
F51: Pasco Bernoulli Cart

F53: Venturi Meter Demonstration
F60: Acoustic Cannon
F100: Miscellaneous Supplies

Heat & Thermodynamics

H01: Computer Based Thermometers
H02: Conventional Thermometers
H03: Liquid Crystal Sheets
H04: Molecular Models
H05: Molecular Motion

H09: Galileo's Thermometer
H10: Thermal Expansion of Air
H14: Thermal Expansion of Metals
H18: Ice Bomb
H20: Constant Volume Thermometer
H30: Low T Boiling of Water

H31: Low T Boiling of Water - Franklin Flask
H40: Thermal Conductivity

H44: Convection in Gases
H48: Radiometer
H55: Solar Cell
H56: Thermoelectric Converter
H57: Low delta T Sterling Engine

H58: Pasco Heat Engine
H70: Thermocouple Lifting Magnet
H90: Reverse Entropy Machine
H92: 3-D Triple point plot
H95: Drinking Bird
H96: Palm Glass
H100: Miscellaneous Supplies

Electricity & Magnetism

E01: Pasco Electrostatics

E02: Properties of Electric Charge

E03: Distribution of Electric Charge
E04: Capacitance

E05: Properties of a Simple Capacitor
E06: Capacitors - Commercial
E10: Van de Graaff Generator
E11: Wimshurst Machine
E12: Simple Battery
E13: Two Potato Clock
E18: Lamps in Series
E20: Series/Parallel Circuit
E23: RC Circuit
E25: Resistance vs Temperature

E38: Lodestone

E39: Magnetic Compass
E40: Magnetic Field Lines
E41: 2-D Magnetic Field Demonstrator
E42: 3-D Magnetic Field Demonstrator
E43: Permanent & Electromagnets
E44: e/m Demonstration
E45: Helmholtz Coils
E46: Magnetic Deflection-Electron Beam

E48: Oersted's Law
E50: Magnetic Force on a Wire

E56: Force between Parallel Currents

E60: Solenoid in a Magnetic Field

E61: Faraday's Law - Computer

E62: Faraday's Law - AC
E63: Faraday's Law - Oscilloscope
E64: Faraday's Law - Coils
E65: Faraday's Law - Flashlight
E66: Self-Inductance
E67: Pasco Lenz's Law Demonstrator
E68: Induced Currents-Jumping Rings
E72: Lenz's Law Pendulum
E74: LR and LRC Circuits
E76: LR and LRC Circuits with AC
E80: Wooden Motor Model
E81: Working Motor/Generator Model
E82: Hand Crank Motor/Generators
E85: Tesla Coils
E86: Plasma Ball
E87: Jacobs Ladder
E89: Superconductivity
E90: Electrical Analog Meters
E91: Electrical Digital Meters
E92: Electrical Signal Generators
E93: Electrical Power Supplies
E94: Digital Oscilloscope
E100: Miscellaneous Supplies

Waves & Sound

W01: Tuning Forks with Resonators
W02: Tuning Fork Sets
W03: A Harmonic Cord
W04: Displaying Sound Waves
W05: Fourier Synthesizer
W07: Dual Function Generator
W08: Waveform Analyzer
W09: Wurlitzer Piano

W10: Mechanical Waves

W13: Longitudinal Wave Demonstrator 1

W14: Wave Machine
W15: Transverse Wave Demonstrator
W16: Longitudinal Wave Demonstrator 2

W18: Ripple Tank

W20: Buzzer in a Vacuum

W28: Standing Longitudinal Waves
W30: Harmonics on a Rod
W32: Standing Waves on a String
W34: Standing Waves in an Air Column
W35: Bloogle Tube
W36: Chaldni Plates
W50: Acoustic Waves
W52: Interference
W70: The Doppler Effect
W100: Miscellaneous Supplies


L10: Multiple Images
L12: Mirrored Cube Corner
L13: Mirror Cube
L15: Illusion
L17: Refraction
L18: Choice Uranium Oxide
L21: Geometric Optics
L22: Lenses and Mirrors
L23: Large Concave-Convex Mirrors
L24: Total Internal Reflection
L25: Fiber Optics
L28: Refraction near a Hot Surface

L30: Dispersion

L35: Diffraction Patterns
L40: Thin Film Interference

L45: Newton's Rings
L50: Polarization
L60: Light Scattering
L70: Color Mixing Box
L71: Colored Filters
L90: UV Light Sources
L95: Holograms
L97: Interferometer
L100: Miscellaneous Supplies

Modern Physics & miscellaneous

Q10: Blackbody Radiation
Q15: Light Spectra of Gases
Q16: Hg Light Source
Q17: Na Light Source
Q18: Demonstration Lasers

Q20: Helium Diffusion

Q40: Radioactivity
Q45: Cloud Chamber
Q60: Proton-Proton Reaction Model
Q90: Special Relativity
Q100: Miscellaneous Supplies